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Sullivan Field Renovation Project 2006

Sullivan Field is undergoing a major renovation. A new 7 lane, green and gold, Mondo track surface is being installed as well as complete state of the art lighting. In addition, a beautiful brick sidewalk will be installed from the ticket booth to the home bleachers. You can have a personalized brick added to this walkway. Click here for more information.

Dawn Harper Archuleta

Dawn Harper's Year Book Photo

Twenty years! WOW! It just seems like yesterday that I was walking down 'C' Hall going to Mr. Brower's class.

I've been reading everybody's bio's and it's been great seeing how everyone has been living there lives all these years. I guess it's my turn to tell my tale. So, here goes...

After high school I had no desire to go to college. I moved to ABQ. with my sister and then later we moved back to good ole LA.

While working at Smith's in White Rock, I met the love of my life, Matthew in 10/88. Our daughter, Tamescia (Ta-mee-sha) was born on 9/9/89, and we were married on 9/18/89. Yes, we did things a bit backwards. Our second daughter, Jenea (Ja-nay) was born on 12/3/90. We stuck around Los Alamos for a year and then moved to Albuquerque.

Once in ABQ., I worked for Equifax Real Estate Services for a year. I worked with Sandy Boyer. Which was great, considering she was and still is a great friend of mine. But I just couldn't stand being away from my kids, so I quit my job and started up a daycare service at home. I owned my own daycare for quite a few years and watched many children. I became attached to a lot of them also. They were all my kids.

In July of 1999 I found out thatI have a brain tumor. We knew something was wrong when I suddenly went blind in my left eye. I've had surgery to remove the tumor, but the doctors' couldn't get all of it because of where the tumor is. So I am now on disability because of the headpain that I have constantly, and other health issues. My family has been wonderful. My husband is terrific and very supportive, and my girls pick up the slack at home a lot of the time. I am blessed to have them.

I am a young grandma now. My grandson is a year old, and is absolutely adorable! The joy of my life!! I've been reading in a lot of other bio's, all of you with little one's and here I am with kids who are 17 & 16, and a grandson. UGH! I feel really old, but yet I'm the same age as all of you. LOL!

Well, that's about it for my little ole life. Except we do live in Rio Rancho, and I would love to see or hear from any of you. I don't think we'll be able to make it to the reunion, but we may. Not too sure. Have a great time at the reunion!!

Dawn Harper Archuleta

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